Types of protective gloves
Types of protective gloves a person does a lot with their own hands. At the same time, he often uses both hot and cold water, and very often detergents. The…

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What is useful for yogurt
What is useful yogurt this dessert treats and smiles. If you look under its lid, you will win a million. All sorts of useful things. Wait, who is this? The…

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Folk remedies for rheumatism
Folk remedies for rheumatism unfortunately, such a disease as rheumatism has long been rejuvenated and is familiar to many people firsthand. The main cause of this disease, scientists believe the…

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Types of hypnosis

Types of hypnosis we all know what hypnosis is. Let’s talk about how it can hurt or help.

Different methods are used to introduce a person into this state. In most cases, this is a light or sound effect. In this case, the activity of the mind and the body as a whole is suspended.

As a result, the person changes their behavior and executes various commands.
Types of hypnosis.
Directive (classical) hypnosis. This is not a hidden, direct effect on a person. Explicit, clear language, influences, and attitudes are used. Such hypnosis is used on stage and in medicine. Continue reading

Cedar oil: health benefits and application features

Cedar oil: health benefits and application features please, you can hardly find a person who has not tried pine nuts. However, few people know about their health benefits and especially about the benefits of cedar oil.

Pine nut oil can not be compared with any other vegetable oil in terms of its nutritional value: olive, sea buckthorn, burdock, Provencal, almond. In terms of calories, cedar oil is superior to pork and beef fat. It is a source of a large complex of vitamins b, E, P, A, D, as well as unsaturated fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, linolenic and other essential acids for the body. Continue reading

How to fight herpes on the lips

How to deal with herpes on the lips “Cold on the lips” – so often called herpes. In appearance, this is a pimple or a water bottle, which eventually burst and leave wounds of different sizes. Herpes is quite unpleasant not only in appearance, but also in feeling. Therefore, you need to know the means of struggle and prevention.

Causes of herpes
There is a whole list of factors that can provoke “colds on the lips”.

These include: hypothermia, viral, colds, bacterial infections, fatigue, stress, constant diets, hypovitaminosis, love of sunburn, menstruation, decreased immunity, and injuries. In this case, herpes can be located not only on the lips, but also in the nose.
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Useful properties of oats
Barrymore, what is it? Oatmeal, sir! The culture of oats accompanies a person from the most ancient times. People massively grew oats for horses, their partners in labor and battle,…


How to get rid of heartburn
How to get rid of heartburn heartburn is a very common and frequent phenomenon that is periodically experienced by about 50% of the population of the entire planet. Is it…


The detrimental impact of traditional medicine
What harm is caused by folk medicine today, many voluntarily refuse "chemistry", preferring tablets infusions of herbs. Even skeptics, perhaps without even suspecting, use folk methods of treatment - tea…


When dermatological diseases become more acute
When dermatological diseases become more acute for some of us, spring is a terrible expectation of the appearance of allergic reactions, beriberi and exacerbation of chronic diseases. According to medical…