How to deal with sore throat
How to deal with sore throats when simple swallowing causes pain, this is a problem. The more people try not to swallow, the more often they do it. If you…

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Simple exercises for the eyes
Simple gymnastics for eyesight must be taken care of, especially if you are forced to spend a large amount of time studying or working at the computer. Get rid of…

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We treat leeches at home
We are treated with leeches at home. hirudotherapy, or treatment with medical leeches, is based on the special composition of the saliva of these animals. It contains a number of…

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Types of protective gloves

Types of protective gloves a person does a lot with their own hands. At the same time, he often uses both hot and cold water, and very often detergents. The skin of the hands loses its natural beauty and elasticity at this intensity of working with solutions. To avoid such troubles, you should use gloves.

When going outside, especially in cold weather, you should definitely wear gloves to protect your hands from wind and cold.
Working in the garden or on the plot, do not forget about working gloves, they will help protect your hands from minor damage, as well as weathering. Special gloves are very different. Here is a description of the most popular working models. Continue reading

How dangerous is chicken pox for adults

How dangerous is chickenpox for adults if you have not had chickenpox, then you need to get vaccinated. Especially if your children go to kindergarten. After all, they can pick up this disease there and infect you.

If you decide to get pregnant, then chickenpox will be dangerous for both you and the baby. He can get deformities.

Is it a childhood infection?

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Why does he put his ears in

Why lays bruises 1. Differential pressure. In that case, if the ears are laid in the plane, under water or during a rapid rise in the Elevator-there is no reason to worry. It’s all about how our ears work. In other words, when the pressure in the middle ear differs from the pressure in the external auditory canal — the eardrum begins to retract, which, in turn, leads to the fact that the person begins to feel pain.

In this case, you must:

Suck a Lollipop.
Chew gum.
Swallow your saliva. Continue reading

What to do if bitten by a snake
What to do if you are bitten by a snake every year, approximately 2 million people suffer from snake bites. That is why each of us should know, distinguish between…


Causes of lymphogranulomatosis in children
The causes of lymphogranulomatosis in children are not fully understood, but most scientists adhere to the tumor theory. Lymphogranulomatosis is a very serious tumor disease of the entire lymph system.…


Prevention of diabetes
Prevention of diabetes it is difficult to fight this serious disease, so it is better to do prevention. Such prevention will also help strengthen the cardiovascular system. Diabetes mellitus develops…


Types of barrier methods of contraception
Types of barrier methods of contraception under barrier methods are meant vaginal contraceptives that create a barrier to the movement of sperm into the uterine cavity. There are two types:…