How to fight herpes on the lips
How to deal with herpes on the lips "Cold on the lips" - so often called herpes. In appearance, this is a pimple or a water bottle, which eventually burst…

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Useful properties of oats
Barrymore, what is it? Oatmeal, sir! The culture of oats accompanies a person from the most ancient times. People massively grew oats for horses, their partners in labor and battle,…

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We treat leeches at home
We are treated with leeches at home. hirudotherapy, or treatment with medical leeches, is based on the special composition of the saliva of these animals. It contains a number of…

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Use of oxygen

Benefits of oxygen megalopolis residents always lack oxygen. What does it give us?

Oxygen improves memory and helps you concentrate.
Give energy.
Strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood.
It has therapeutic effects, slows down the aging process, improves sleep, vision, and digestion.
This is the best way to get rid of migraines, headaches.
It relieves hangover.
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The detrimental impact of traditional medicine

What harm is caused by folk medicine today, many voluntarily refuse “chemistry”, preferring tablets infusions of herbs. Even skeptics, perhaps without even suspecting, use folk methods of treatment – tea with raspberry jam for colds, dressing with a wool scarf for sciatica is not bad, it is a kind of first aid to the body in the fight against the disease, but you should not go too far and clear your throat with kerosene, as well as clean the liver with fish oil. Not all methods of treatment of folk medicine are safe, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, as well as on the disease. Do not drink herbal tea and RUB oils if you have cancer. Time may be lost!

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How dangerous is chicken pox for adults

How dangerous is chickenpox for adults if you have not had chickenpox, then you need to get vaccinated. Especially if your children go to kindergarten. After all, they can pick up this disease there and infect you.

If you decide to get pregnant, then chickenpox will be dangerous for both you and the baby. He can get deformities.

Is it a childhood infection?

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How to Wake up in a good mood
How to Wake up in a good mood for most workers, weekdays start with an alarm. Then-satisfaction, almost automatically, of the body's needs and movement in the direction of work.…


How to treat heartburn
How to treat heartburn heartburn causes unpleasant sensations such as a burning sensation behind the sternum and a sour taste in the mouth. It occurs due to the effect of…


Folk remedies for toothache
Folk remedies for toothache clove oil balinesia. You can buy clove oil at a pharmacy. Carefully follow the instructions for use (since if you swallow too much of it, you…


Guarantee of good sleep
Only doctors understand and know how important good sleep is for the human body. There is a time that is recommended for sleep. So it is better to go to…