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How to treat heartburn

How to treat heartburn heartburn causes unpleasant sensations such as a burning sensation behind the sternum and a sour taste in the mouth. It occurs due to the effect of acid and gastric juice on the esophageal mucosa, which leads to inflammation, which is called esophagitis. If this effect is permanent, it will lead to an ulcer or erosion. If the ulcer is scarred, the esophagus will narrow and it will be difficult for food to pass through it. This disease is treated only with surgery.

How to make a diagnosis? In that case, if heartburn occurs very rarely and is directly related to food intake, it makes no sense to make a diagnosis, it is only necessary to change the diet. But if heartburn appears unexpectedly and in no way connected with food intake — there is a reason to go to a gastroenterologist, who will prescribe a gastroscopy, and then make a diagnosis. But if for some reason a person does not tolerate such a study — you can undergo radiography with a contrast suspension, but in this case, the diagnosis will not be accurate.

The first thing you can do for heartburn:

Activated carbon.
St. John’s wort infusion.
Infusion of plantain.
Soda-it is often impossible to drink it, since sodium is absorbed into the blood, and when it is in excess it leads to the fragility of blood vessels, which in turn can lead to a heart attack. Also, due to an excess of sodium in the body, the fluid stagnates, which leads to edema.

In that case, if heartburn is a symptom of a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, then get rid of it without treatment will not work. Often doctors prescribe antacids and alginates. Antacids will bind hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Alginates will form a kind of film on the surface of the stomach, and it will protect against the effects of harmful “agents”.
Preparations of proton pump inhibitors are prescribed in order to prevent the release of hydrochloric acid for a longer time.
Prokinetics are prescribed in erosive form. They protect the esophagus from getting acid from the stomach.
How to eat if you are prone to heartburn.

Do not use:

Tomato in any form.
Radish and radish.
Citrus fruits, citrus juice, cranberries, sorrel.
Onions in raw form
Ice cream, milkshakes.
Pasta with sauce or cheese.
Fat and cooked in oil.
Spicy, smoked, mint.
Drinks with gas, including mineral water with gas.
Beer and dry wine, chocolate.
Can be consumed:

Bananas and apples.
Potatoes, except fried.
Carrots and broccoli.
Skinless chicken breast and lean beef.
Scrambled eggs and soft-boiled eggs.
Not greasy sour cream, not sharp cheeses, cottage cheese.
Rice and oatmeal porridge.
Whole-grain or corn bread.
Coffee with milk, tea and cocoa.
Water is not carbonated.
Apple juice.
During treatment, you should pay attention to the following points:

If there is an excess of body weight to normalize.
Do not drink alcohol.
To give up Smoking.
Sleep on a high pillow.
Eat six times.
After eating, do not lie down and bend over for an hour and a half.
Dinner should be at least two hours before bedtime.
Do not wear tight and tight clothing.
Exclude loads that are somehow associated with the abdominal press.


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