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What is useful for yogurt

What is useful yogurt this dessert treats and smiles. If you look under its lid, you will win a million. All sorts of useful things.

Wait, who is this?
The grandmother of yogurt-curdled milk – owes her fame and career growth to the famous immunologist Ilya Mechnikov.

He believed that a person gets old because of poisoning by bad bacteria. The scientist decided to take an example from the long-livers of the Balkans and, revealing their secret, in 1903 he wrote an ode to curdled milk, after which it firmly occupied the Slavic tables.
For more than a hundred years, grandma Buttermilk conscientiously cleaned the stomach of annoying bacteria, until a more useful and simply delicious relative of hers was born — yogurt. It is done as follows: first, the milk is added to the starter, made from special bacteria-Bulgarian sticks. After two or three hours, the almost ready dessert is pasteurized, cooled, and fruit is added to it. And now the yogurt is on the shelf and waiting for someone to deign to treat it.

Yummy ordinary
In any fabrics you are sure to meet…

…the Bulgarian Bacillus. Because of this lactic acid bacteria (Lactobakterium), in fact, the fermentation of milk occurs. She:
Destroys harmful bacteria and creates all conditions for the introduction of useful ones in their place;

Helps assimilate calcium and protein contained in milk.

…thermophilic Streptococcus.
It fights the specific smell and taste of the Bulgarian stick, turning the medicine into a delicacy.

On packages of particularly useful yogurts, the presence is reported…

.. .bifidobacteria, which are also called “second liver” because they:
Inhibit the development of putrid bacteria;

Fighting bowel cancer;

Make vitamins and minerals more quickly absorbed;

Protect against intestinal infections and strengthen the immune system.

The most useful bifidobacteria is called B. breve. But in the body of people with high acidity, this sissy quickly dies. Therefore, if the acid-base balance of your digestive tract is not normal, it is better to choose yogurt with other microorganisms.

…lactulose is the most rare and useful bacteria among domestic yoghurts. It helps your family, but weakened bifidobacteria get back on their feet. In addition, she is able:
To suppress the toxic and harmful enzymes;

To strengthen bones;

To combat constipation;

Maintain acid balance.

…Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is a relative of the Bulgarian Bacillus, which destroys pathogenic bacteria on a large scale, including putrid, typhoid and dysentery.
Don’t miss
There are many plagiarists among the yogurt fraternity. Learn to recognize them:

The package should say “yogurt” and no consonant nicknames, like “yogurt drink” or something like that;
The shelf life should not exceed 10 days;
The composition must include yogurt starter.

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