Why does he put his ears in
Why lays bruises 1. Differential pressure. In that case, if the ears are laid in the plane, under water or during a rapid rise in the Elevator-there is no reason…

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Prevention of colds in children
Prevention of colds in children as a rule, in the autumn-winter period, the child's immune system is most weakened, so most often children have a cold and flu. As a…

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Treatment of vulvitis and diaper rash in girls
Treatment of vulvitis and diaper rash in girls, almond oil is a very valuable and unique product. Let's start with the fact that it is completely harmless and never causes…

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Use of oxygen

Benefits of oxygen megalopolis residents always lack oxygen. What does it give us?

Oxygen improves memory and helps you concentrate.
Give energy.
Strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood.
It has therapeutic effects, slows down the aging process, improves sleep, vision, and digestion.
This is the best way to get rid of migraines, headaches.
It relieves hangover.
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Guarantee of good sleep

Only doctors understand and know how important good sleep is for the human body. There is a time that is recommended for sleep. So it is better to go to bed at 22.00 and sleep until 6 am. In the period from 22:00 to 1 am, the body accumulates the happiness hormone in the body: if you go to bed at the wrong time, which is recommended for a good sleep, then in the morning there is a risk that you will feel broken, depressed. Then they will say about you: “I Got up with my left foot.”

What you eat before going to bed can either give you beautiful dreams, or completely deprive you of sleep. Will not let you fall asleep spicy, carbonated drinks, coffee, and smoked meat. Continue reading

Tips for caring for the oral cavity

Tips for oral care unfortunately, caries is a fairly common problem that affects not only adults, but also children. Some tips for oral care will help you avoid many of the problems that cause tooth decay.

When brushing your teeth, do not rush, the procedure as a whole should last at least three to four minutes. Brush your teeth preferably twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. When you brush your teeth in the morning after sleep, pay special attention to the gums and tongue, because a large number of bacteria often accumulate in these places during the night. Continue reading

How to quickly get rid of black dots
As medical practice shows, there are a huge number of people in the world who often face one important problem - the appearance of unpleasant black dots on the skin…


How to remove ear plugs
How to remove ear plugs ear plugs are the most common reason for patients to contact an otolaryngologist. At the same time, traffic jams are equally common in children and…


What does a person need magnesium for
What magnesium is needed for: semi-hard and soft water-these concepts are known to many. The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the higher the index of its hardness,…


First aid for spider bites
First aid when bitten by spiders it is known that the venom of a large number of arachnids is dangerous for humans. The following species can be classified as representatives…