Signs and methods of treatment of nicotine addiction
Signs and methods of treatment of nicotine addiction nicotine addiction is caused by a psychological attraction to Smoking tobacco. This disease is a serious danger for the population, as it…

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Causes of lymphogranulomatosis in children
The causes of lymphogranulomatosis in children are not fully understood, but most scientists adhere to the tumor theory. Lymphogranulomatosis is a very serious tumor disease of the entire lymph system.…

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How to remove a splinter
How to remove a splinter is unlikely, many experienced unpleasant sensations from a stuck splinter. Splinters, of course, can be obtained from the thorn of a plant, or a thin…

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Use of oxygen

Benefits of oxygen megalopolis residents always lack oxygen. What does it give us?

Oxygen improves memory and helps you concentrate.
Give energy.
Strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood.
It has therapeutic effects, slows down the aging process, improves sleep, vision, and digestion.
This is the best way to get rid of migraines, headaches.
It relieves hangover.
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Tips for caring for the oral cavity

Tips for oral care unfortunately, caries is a fairly common problem that affects not only adults, but also children. Some tips for oral care will help you avoid many of the problems that cause tooth decay.

When brushing your teeth, do not rush, the procedure as a whole should last at least three to four minutes. Brush your teeth preferably twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. When you brush your teeth in the morning after sleep, pay special attention to the gums and tongue, because a large number of bacteria often accumulate in these places during the night. Continue reading

What products help get rid of acne

What products help to get rid of pimples pimples that occur on the face, then on the body can not add a positive and good mood in life. But don’t panic. And you should pay attention to your diet. If you carefully analyze your diet, you can find that some products need to be removed, and some on the contrary add.

So, let’s look at some ingredients that are useful for the skin.

Olive oil. Due to the fact that the oil contains a lot of natural essential acids, it helps to maintain health and clean the skin from acne. Cooking with olive oil will help in the fight for clean skin. Continue reading

When dermatological diseases become more acute
When dermatological diseases become more acute for some of us, spring is a terrible expectation of the appearance of allergic reactions, beriberi and exacerbation of chronic diseases. According to medical…


How to deal with spring beriberi
How to deal with the spring avitaminosis! The long-awaited time of year! When there is a little more sun, a little more heat, as we want everything around us to…


Simple exercises for the eyes
Simple gymnastics for eyesight must be taken care of, especially if you are forced to spend a large amount of time studying or working at the computer. Get rid of…


How to quickly get rid of black dots
As medical practice shows, there are a huge number of people in the world who often face one important problem - the appearance of unpleasant black dots on the skin…