We treat leeches at home
We are treated with leeches at home. hirudotherapy, or treatment with medical leeches, is based on the special composition of the saliva of these animals. It contains a number of…

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How to quickly get rid of black dots
As medical practice shows, there are a huge number of people in the world who often face one important problem - the appearance of unpleasant black dots on the skin…

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Useful properties of oats
Barrymore, what is it? Oatmeal, sir! The culture of oats accompanies a person from the most ancient times. People massively grew oats for horses, their partners in labor and battle,…

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Types of hypnosis

Types of hypnosis we all know what hypnosis is. Let’s talk about how it can hurt or help.

Different methods are used to introduce a person into this state. In most cases, this is a light or sound effect. In this case, the activity of the mind and the body as a whole is suspended.

As a result, the person changes their behavior and executes various commands.
Types of hypnosis.
Directive (classical) hypnosis. This is not a hidden, direct effect on a person. Explicit, clear language, influences, and attitudes are used. Such hypnosis is used on stage and in medicine. Continue reading

Cedar oil: health benefits and application features

Cedar oil: health benefits and application features please, you can hardly find a person who has not tried pine nuts. However, few people know about their health benefits and especially about the benefits of cedar oil.

Pine nut oil can not be compared with any other vegetable oil in terms of its nutritional value: olive, sea buckthorn, burdock, Provencal, almond. In terms of calories, cedar oil is superior to pork and beef fat. It is a source of a large complex of vitamins b, E, P, A, D, as well as unsaturated fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, linolenic and other essential acids for the body. Continue reading

How to fight herpes on the lips

How to deal with herpes on the lips “Cold on the lips” – so often called herpes. In appearance, this is a pimple or a water bottle, which eventually burst and leave wounds of different sizes. Herpes is quite unpleasant not only in appearance, but also in feeling. Therefore, you need to know the means of struggle and prevention.

Causes of herpes
There is a whole list of factors that can provoke “colds on the lips”.

These include: hypothermia, viral, colds, bacterial infections, fatigue, stress, constant diets, hypovitaminosis, love of sunburn, menstruation, decreased immunity, and injuries. In this case, herpes can be located not only on the lips, but also in the nose.
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How to protect a child from a cold
How to protect your child from colds: winter is already ending, but colds are just beginning. Doctors found that before the beginning of spring, children are much more likely to…


Why does he put his ears in
Why lays bruises 1. Differential pressure. In that case, if the ears are laid in the plane, under water or during a rapid rise in the Elevator-there is no reason…


7 nutrients that are always needed by the body
7 nutrients that are always needed by the bodythe lack of diversity in the nutritional diet leads to many diseases. There are 7 types of nutrients that people constantly need:…


Signs and methods of treatment of nicotine addiction
Signs and methods of treatment of nicotine addiction nicotine addiction is caused by a psychological attraction to Smoking tobacco. This disease is a serious danger for the population, as it…