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Signs and methods of treatment of nicotine addiction

Signs and methods of treatment of nicotine addiction nicotine addiction is caused by a psychological attraction to Smoking tobacco. This disease is a serious danger for the population, as it contributes to the development of a number of chronic diseases: bronchopulmonary, cardiovascular, malignant neoplasms, etc.If independent attempts to give up Smoking have not been successful, and the decision remains firm, then you should contact a narcologist or psychotherapist.

The following signs indicate a high degree of dependence on nicotine:

Smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day;Smoking after waking up, for the first hour;
strong craving for tobacco while trying to quit.

Currently, doctors use a variety of treatment methods used in various combinations:

drug therapy;
25th frame effect;
There are also drugs that compensate for nicotine deficiency to relieve withdrawal syndrome: tablets, chewing gums, patches.

Traditional medicine in the fight against nicotine addiction

In order to fight this disease yourself, you need to use the following recipes:

dry river crayfish in the shade, grind it into a powder and mix it in cigarettes;
chew calamus root fresh or dried;
rinse your mouth, if you want to smoke, with an infusion of mint oregano and currant leaves (10 g., 10 g., 5 g.,);
put a pack of cigarettes on the day about copper sulfate (powder);
as a distraction, an infusion of wormwood, licorice and yarrow (10 g, 5 g, 5 g) is used for rinsing the mouth.
To eliminate increased irritability, when quitting Smoking, use:

half a glass of Valerian root and mint infusion (10 g, 5 g), 3 times a day;
in the same way, an infusion of marshmallow, anise, licorice root, pine buds (5 g) is taken.


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