We treat leeches at home
We are treated with leeches at home. hirudotherapy, or treatment with medical leeches, is based on the special composition of the saliva of these animals. It contains a number of…

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Guarantee of good sleep
Only doctors understand and know how important good sleep is for the human body. There is a time that is recommended for sleep. So it is better to go to…

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Types of barrier methods of contraception
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When dermatological diseases become more acute

When dermatological diseases become more acute for some of us, spring is a terrible expectation of the appearance of allergic reactions, beriberi and exacerbation of chronic diseases. According to medical statistics, it is in the spring that the body is particularly weakened. At this time, dermatological diseases begin to “blossom”. This overshadows the period of the birth of love and the awakening of nature.

The sun.

Harm or benefit?
Many spring diseases are often associated with a change of diet or Allergy to plants. However, the sun also contributes.
Dermatitis can be triggered by the “awakening” of Malassezia furfur, a yeast fungus. It is called multi-colored lichen, as it occurs in the form of spots of different colors. It appears when the fat content of the skin increases, sweating, under the influence of ultraviolet lamps, the sun. The rash has a rather unsightly appearance.
Treatment should be prescribed by a doctor. Only he will be able to prescribe the appropriate procedures. In most cases, with multi-colored lichen appoint asalouye sprays and ointments that contain naphazoline or terbinafine. Remember that in order to prevent repeated outbreaks of the described disease, you need to change bed linen, hygiene items, and disinfect clothing.

What will the stomach tell us?
In frosty times, each of us eats a lot of flour and sweet things-cakes, muffins, pasta, sugar… a Large amount of carbohydrates often provokes allergic dermatitis, worsens the skin condition. Rashes can also occur after drinking alcohol or nicotine accumulated in the body. In this case, the only solution is to reduce or eliminate these products and use antihistamines.

Have you noticed that people with oily skin are most prone to rashes? Seborrheic dermatitis, or pustular pimples occur due to the fact that with oily skin, the pores become clogged faster and as a result, inflammation appears.
Over the winter, it is very difficult not to gain pounds. Therefore, any of us has a chance to “blossom” with rashes.
How to avoid seborrheic dermatitis? First of all, you need to change your diet and take a shower regularly. Make a special menu. And, of course, it is important to breathe fresh air, drink enough water and take a multivitamin.
Do not forget that eating berries, vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, you risk getting rashes. This is usually an Allergy. “Dangerous” products are tomatoes, peaches, carrots, oranges, strawberries.

Good nutrition.

If you want to prevent dermatological diseases caused by metabolic and digestive disorders, then you need to think about the diet. A sample menu is offered below.

After waking up, you can eat a cheese sandwich, oatmeal and a Cup of coffee or tea. For lunch, cook vegetable soup, eat cabbage salad. If you want, you can fry a piece of meat in a dry pan and eat it with rice. All this is washed down with tomato juice or compote. At dinner, drink a glass of green tea and eat a Greek salad.

After waking up, eat a chicken sandwich (it should be boiled) and a boiled egg. Wash down your Breakfast with a Cup of hot chocolate or milk. For lunch, prepare buckwheat porridge and soup. Eat a grapefruit. In the evening, bake potatoes in the oven in the uniform.

In the morning, eat a plate of semolina or buckwheat porridge, a piece of cheese. Drink a Cup of coffee. At lunch, prepare a pilaf or stew. In the evening, eat a few apples and vegetable stew.

In the morning, eat a piece of pike perch or pelengas, cook soup for lunch, and in the evening make cutlets from pike. Eat them with boiled rice and cabbage salad. On this day, you only need to drink water.

Arrange a small celebration. In the morning, eat a piece of casserole, in the afternoon-a few fruits (for example, bananas) and cabbage salad, and in the evening you can go to a restaurant, order a glass of white wine and sushi.

Start the day with cottage cheese with nuts and dried apricots, toast and a Cup of cocoa. In the afternoon, eat a fruit salad. You can dine on rice and seafood. Drink pomegranate juice.

And today is a fasting day! Go with your family out of town for a walk. If you want a snack, eat an Apple.


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