Traditional medicine

How to protect a child from a cold
How to protect your child from colds: winter is already ending, but colds are just beginning. Doctors found that before the beginning of spring, children are much more likely to…

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Types of hypnosis
Types of hypnosis we all know what hypnosis is. Let's talk about how it can hurt or help. Different methods are used to introduce a person into this state. In…

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What does a person need magnesium for
What magnesium is needed for: semi-hard and soft water-these concepts are known to many. The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the higher the index of its hardness,…

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Types of hypnosis

Types of hypnosis we all know what hypnosis is. Let’s talk about how it can hurt or help.

Different methods are used to introduce a person into this state. In most cases, this is a light or sound effect. In this case, the activity of the mind and the body as a whole is suspended.

As a result, the person changes their behavior and executes various commands.
Types of hypnosis.
Directive (classical) hypnosis. This is not a hidden, direct effect on a person. Explicit, clear language, influences, and attitudes are used. Such hypnosis is used on stage and in medicine. Continue reading

How dangerous is chicken pox for adults

How dangerous is chickenpox for adults if you have not had chickenpox, then you need to get vaccinated. Especially if your children go to kindergarten. After all, they can pick up this disease there and infect you.

If you decide to get pregnant, then chickenpox will be dangerous for both you and the baby. He can get deformities.

Is it a childhood infection?

If you haven’t had chickenpox, you may get it. Continue reading

What products help get rid of acne

What products help to get rid of pimples pimples that occur on the face, then on the body can not add a positive and good mood in life. But don’t panic. And you should pay attention to your diet. If you carefully analyze your diet, you can find that some products need to be removed, and some on the contrary add.

So, let’s look at some ingredients that are useful for the skin.

Olive oil. Due to the fact that the oil contains a lot of natural essential acids, it helps to maintain health and clean the skin from acne. Cooking with olive oil will help in the fight for clean skin. Continue reading

Methods of treating myopia

Measures to combat myopia if you find that you can not clearly distinguish the inscription that you could easily read earlier, then this is a reason to think. After all, there is a suspicion that you have myopia.

This disease is otherwise called myopia. Due to the elongation of the eyeball, the light rays that pass through the pupil are no longer able to intersect at one point. In our time the majority of children earn myopia due to computer games.

It is worth mentioning their training loads: homework, textbooks, and the like. Doctor Boris Gorodetsky, who is an excellent ophthalmologist, said that there are more and more short-sighted children under the age of 20. There are various reasons for this, but the most common is a head injury. Continue reading

How to Wake up in a good mood

How to Wake up in a good mood for most workers, weekdays start with an alarm. Then-satisfaction, almost automatically, of the body’s needs and movement in the direction of work.

Experts say that in order to Wake up in a good mood, you need to go to bed in this way. One day, the chief would punish the slave because he is slow. The subordinate replied that he also had a positive trait-he fell asleep quickly.

In the domestic expanses, many workers use the night to reflect on certain problems, rather than to rest and replenish their strength. You can’t go to sleep with the idea that the day was bad, and tomorrow will be the same. Continue reading

First aid for spider bites
First aid when bitten by spiders it is known that the venom of a large number of arachnids is dangerous for humans. The following species can be classified as representatives…


Cedar oil: health benefits and application features
Cedar oil: health benefits and application features please, you can hardly find a person who has not tried pine nuts. However, few people know about their health benefits and especially…


What to do if bitten by a snake
What to do if you are bitten by a snake every year, approximately 2 million people suffer from snake bites. That is why each of us should know, distinguish between…


How to fight herpes on the lips
How to deal with herpes on the lips "Cold on the lips" - so often called herpes. In appearance, this is a pimple or a water bottle, which eventually burst…